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exoeriment Empty exoeriment

Post by Ahmed766 on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:00 pm

ok well im kind of new and when i saw the neglected dragon i became intrested and i read some of the things on the forums so if this is the same topic as something else on the forums please send me link and im sorry so anyway i was on wikipedia which egg is which and when i saw the neglected dragon i recognised it had another name called the sick dragon so i was thinking eggs can become sick so its possible to not hide the egg when its sick and see what happens ? i wanted to try that and i wanted to know if its a good idea and something else i was gonna try was mentioned before i know its when you fog it until it has 2 mins but i wouldnt abondoan it its too risky my mouse is crap


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Post by SparkytheFlame35 on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:12 am

If your attempting to make a neglected dragon, wrong forum. That should go in the Experiments Forum. Also, neglected dragons are not made by making an egg sick. If a sick egg keeps getting spammed, it will DIE. Negs are made by "neglecting" an egg or hatchling (depriving it of clicks until it is near dead) then overspamming it to make it hatch and grow. This is extremely tricky.

ALSO READ THE WIKI ARTICLES!!!!! It says right on the page that the eggs are made by neglecting them.

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