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Post by silver_kitty on Sat May 30, 2015 9:00 pm

Hey all, anyone who might read this. This forum seems a little dead, but that's ok, I hope to use it all the same. You can call me Silver; I picked my username to be both like my DC forum name (Silver_chan) and my scroll name (kitty_stitcher) because I've had my scroll since roughly Feb of 2009 and have changed a lot in that time. Sadly, I didn't stick with the game at that time, but I played it just long enough to get an old Pink and a Frilled, which I am forever happy about.

I have been interested in obtaining a Neglected dragon since I first heard about them, though I'm not actually sure when that happened, and it's about time I actually tried to get a few on my scroll. I think I'll try getting my first one the next time I have a free scroll spot, which should happen sometime tomorrow.


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