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Sonikkusong ( AKA Moon Cow)'s experiment Log!

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Sonikkusong ( AKA Moon Cow)'s experiment Log!  Empty Sonikkusong ( AKA Moon Cow)'s experiment Log!

Post by Sonikkusong on Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:51 am

Ok, so, this is my very first attempt at getting an ND. I'm excited to get started! cheers

Date Stolen: 11th June 2015
Time Stolen: 13:49 PM
Egg Breed: Albino
Egg Code: RvD0y
Date of Egg Death: 18th June 2015
Time of Egg Death: 13:49 PM
Time and date of 30 minute window: 13:21 PM on the 18th June 2015
Method: Fog egg until 30 minutes of egg life remains. Quickly post on Egg Clicking sites.
Epic smilies for added luck: Very Happy Smile Laughing Wink I love you king queen elephant Basketball cheers bom sunny

WHOOOO!!! Here we go!! Very Happy

UPDATE: Nooooo!! I did something really stupid! I forgot ALL ABOUT my egg on the day I had to unfog it. I returned today, saw the dead egg, remembered everything, and now, no Neggie for me Neutral

Oh well! LET'S GO AGAIN!!!! cheers

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